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T.I.T.R. : Thinkin' In The Rain

(used to be called "The Forbidden")


The renowned french philosopher Jean-René Dupetitpois is about to present his world famous lecture on The Art of Thinking, unfortunately he seems to have been delayed. NO PROBLEM! His enthusiastic assistant Juliette has got it covered.

show available in:


french (indoor or outdoor)



22/03 L’AMUSERIE, Lons-le-Saunier (FR)

23/03 LA CARTONNERIE DE MESNAY, Pudding Théâtre (soirée privée) (FR)

14-16/06 RUES ET CIES, Epinal (FR)

21/06, Grolley (CH)

06-07/07 SORTIES DE BAIN, Granville (FR)

20/07 SIX POMPES SUMMER TOUR, Lausanne, Parc de Milan (CH)

31/08 Bordeaux (FR)

Past shows :

LE CAFE DU MOULIN (FR), Ornacieux, 11-13/10/18

JUMP-UP FESTIVAL (CH), Geneva, 02/08/18

CHALON DANS LA RUE (FR), Chalon-sur-Saône, 19 - 22/07/18

LA FOLLE SEMAINE (CH), Lutry - 29/06/18

LA PLAGE DES SIX POMPES (CH), la Chaux-de-Fonds, 30/07 - 01/08/17

PRAGUE FRINGE (CZ) 26/05 - 03/06/17





(articles under the old show name "The Forbidden")

...a riotous hour of utter foolishness. What a wonderfully silly show!

Michael Calcott's Fringey Bits. full review here

Increasingly childlike, madcap spectacle... Fanny Duret proved herself one hugely courageous actor.

FringeReview. full review here

An intensely magnetic character... who has the entire audience rooting for her in seconds. 

Prague Youth Theatre. full review here

Audience feed-back on social network :

  • Saw Fanny Duret in her premier of ‘The Forbidden’, what a blast! Stupid, silly, joyous. 

  • Fanny Duret’s ‘The Forbidden’  was excellent - seriously enjoyable time. Wonderful and unexpected.  

  • If you're in Edinburgh and want a delightful hour of unexpected, charming fun, go see Fanny Duret in The Forbidden - you won't regret it!

  • Really enjoyed ‘The Forbidden’ touching transformative comedy by Fanny Duret at Just the Tonic. go see it

  • This was a wonderfully strange journey through the mind of a sparkling performer. She lights up the room, owns the stage, and deserved a much bigger audience for her delicately flavoured nonsense.

  • In order to be silly at the fringe you need to have fantastic training, perfect timing and a real keen sense of a very niche area of comedy. This lady has it all. If you enjoy nonsense and sillyness then this is for you. 


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