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Fanny Duret was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. She began her acting studies there in a Conservatoire. Driven by her desire for adventure she spent time in India where she traveled and learned some traditional and local theatrical arts. Back in Switzerland, she went on with her studies at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, the national swiss school for physical Theater. With her Bachelor of Arts in Theater in the pocket, she spent a very precious six months at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, learning from this great master about Clown and Vaudeville.

Plague of Idiots

She started her acting career in Italy, with the director Mario Perrotta in a play called « Pitùr ». This show, about the passions and pains of the painter Antonio Ligabue, was mainly choral and without text. It was part of a bigger project which united three plays: the « Progetto Ligabue » which won the prize « Ubu » (the highest distinction for theater in Italy) for best artistic project in 2015.

The Visit

After that she went to London to join her company Plague of Idiots, formed by fellow students from Ecole Philippe Gaulier. They created and performed their first clown show there: « Plague of Idiots ». They made a revival of this show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2015 at the Gilded Balloon. Renowned comic director Cal McCrystal helped them to develop the show for this run.

Meanwhile, she joined the company Teatro Malandro in Switzerland in March 2015, run by the director Omar Porras, winner of the « Grand Prix suisse de théâtre » (highest distinction for theater in the country). She performed under his direction in « The Visit », a play from the swiss writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The show was created in Geneva before going on tour for two seasons in Switzerland and internationally - in France and at the Festival Ibero Americano in Bogota, Colombia. 

This year, she created her first solo show « Thinking' in the Rain » (used to be called « The Forbidden »), a comedy that she wrote, directed and performed. The play was created in Berlin before premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She was also performing there with her company Plague of Idiots and their show « A plague of Idiots » and a children version of it « PFaff ».